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Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women published on

Violence Is Wrong!!

ORANGEWomen of all ages, status and background continue to suffer violence either at work, home or even church. Not only is violence against women criminal and highly condemnable, to say the least, it’s also a huge obstacle to the achievement of gender equality, development and peace in every society.

That is why the UN has set aside 25th of every month as “orange day” – a day to raise awareness on Violence Against Women (VAW) and to take stock of actions being taken to combat it.

VAW manifests in physical, sexual, emotional and economic abuses. In Ghana, women and girls suffer diverse forms of violence including domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, emotional abuse, trafficking, stalking, acid throwing and many others.

As has been duly stressed by the Inter – Parliamentary Union,  “Violence against women and girls is a violation of human rights and an extreme form of gender-based discrimination. It may take many forms and is not limited to any culture, region or country, or to any specific group of women. It has enormous social and economic costs, and undercuts the contribution of women to development, peace and security, and human rights. It also poses a serious threat to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.”

When it comes to dealing with the issue of violence against women, many people wrongly focus only on physical abuses. But, women suffer many forms of emotional abuses which are as serious and harmful as physical abuses.

Remember, any attempt to isolate, control, insult or scare you is an abuse, and can negatively affect your emotional and physical well being if not properly handled.

If you are suffering emotional abuse today, there’s a high possibility that physical abuse will follow tomorrow. Do not tolerate or condone it.

By Rosemary Kayi

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