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Human Rights Day 2018

Human Rights Day 2018 published on

This Year’s Message Is: Stand Up for Human Rights!

Stand Ghana Marked this years human Rights Day Celebration with  community engagement outreach activities. We interacted with people of all walks of life, in their homes, on the streets, in their offices and shops. We talked about human rights issues and explain things to those who didn’t know anything about the subject.

Interestingly, someone asked us if  human rights was a church? So we had to explain the meaning of human rights in the local dialect which was a bit difficult; but we managed to do it. This reminds us that we still have a lot of work to do in the area of human rights education and awareness creation.

This year the Universal Declaration of Human Rights turns 70 years on 10th December 2018 – (from 1948 to 2018); and its worth celebrating by everyone, everywhere.

I know there are many unanswered questions on many people’s minds about the effectiveness of human rights implementation in most countries, including Ghana. However, that does not take away the huge  benefits human rights has brought us and continue to bring us globally.

Therefore, human rights are still relevant today as they were  in 1948 when the declaration was first adopted at the United Nations General Assembly by member countries.

I cannot imagine my world without the protection of human rights and freedoms. Let’s stand up for human rights always.

Happy Human Rights Day to every single individual person!


Written By: Rose Enya


No Tax No Secondary Education Is A Human Rights Violation

No Tax No Secondary Education Is A Human Rights Violation published on

And What’s The Purpose of Free SHS?

Do you know that the Government is planning to stop children whose parents do not pay tax from accessing secondary school education? This is a very worrying development because many children whose parents are very poor would be negatively affected should the policy be implemented.



We were very happy when the Free SHS policy was introduced here in Ghana. But now the government wants to limit it to only children whose parents are tax payers – according to the Finance Minister in his presentation of the 2019 budget.

We believe the policy is discriminatory and a VIOLATION of the RIGHT OF THE CHILD TO ACCESS QUALITY EDUCATION without impediments from anyone.

“Everyone has the right to education” that is what the first line of article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states. Nowhere in article 26 is it stated that only tax payers’ children can have secondary school education.

Education is supposed to be a right not a privilege. Therefore, we cannot and should not base access to secondary school education on having Tax Identification Number.

The TIN policy in our educational sector will only undermine the whole idea behind the introduction of Free secondary education – which is “not to leave any child behind or at home”.

This is a bad idea and should NEVER be implemented in Ghana.


Human Rights Awareness Talk At MacLean JHS

Human Rights Awareness Talk At MacLean JHS published on

2018-11-06 09.00.49A Child Rights Awareness Programme.

A human rights awareness programme has been organized for students and teachers of MacLean Junior High School at Odorkor in Accra on Thursday, 1st November 2018.

The presentation focused on some of the basic human rights children are entitled to, their responsibilities; issues of child abuse and what it means to have human rights.

The Executive Director of Stand Ghana, Rose-Mary Kayi delivered a two hour presentation to over 90 form three students and teachers present at the programme. She particularly encouraged the students to “value their human rights and to embrace tolerance and diversity wherever they may find themselves now, and in future”.

The Child Rights Education Project is designed by Stand Ghana to help young people to have adequate knowledge about each of their fundamental human rights granted them under the 1990 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child  and guaranteed for them by the Constitution of Ghana and the Children’s Act 1998 – Act 560.

2018-11-01 1612018-11-01 175                                                                               We believe that Young people should be well informed about their rights in society so that they can confidently report anyone who tries to abuse them to the appropriate authorities.

We are very proud of all the hardworking students who took part in this very important programme.

We thank you for listening to us attentively throughout the presentation. And thanks for all your interesting questions and valuable contributions.


Written By :ROSE MARY K

Child Rights Education At Star Trite

Child Rights Education At Star Trite published on

A Symposium on Human Rights of Children at Star Trite Montessori Sch.


IMG_0689The Stand Ghana team was at Star Trite Montessori School near Kasoa, on Thursday, February 22, 2018 to present a talk on Child rights and responsibilities.

Over 800 students and teachers of the school were at the programme, which took place at the auditorium of Star Trite.

The Stand Ghana team taught the young students of Star Trite School about the content, meaning and implications of their basic human rights; and about issues of Child abuse.

According to a CHRAJ report of 2011, “Although Ghana has made solid progress in building a democratic society, promoting human rights and the observance of civil liberties, the country still has a long road to travel in establishing a culture of peace and human rights”

At Stand Ghana, we believe that our society will be stronger and better able to establish a culture of human rights and peace if everyone is treated with true respect and dignity; and if everyone knows what their rights, responsibilities and limits are within a democratic environment.

That is why we are taking human rights knowledge to every child in Ghana – whether poor or rich, young or old to promote a culture of peace, tolerance and human rights in our nation.

Young people have the right to know their rights and responsibilities so that they can make responsible choices and grow up into responsible adults in future.

IMG_0600 SS2 SS3 IMG_0689 IMG_0595 Star Trite IMG_0675 SS1 IMG_0579

Child Rights Education At St Charles Schools

Child Rights Education At St Charles Schools published on

2018-03-21 008This year we are prioritizing our goal of taking human rights to every child in Ghana – whether rich or poor, one School at a time. That’ s why on Wednesday September 21, 2018 we (Stand Ghana) organized another very successful Child Rights Education programme for the young students of St Charles Preparatory School at Mamprobi – Banana Inn in Accra.

We are extremely pleased with the level of engagement by this young students who were ready to listen to us, asked very interesting questions and made valuable contributions.Their active participation made the programme a huge success.

They were taken through some of their basic human rights and responsibilities; and were educated on issues of child abuse.

We also encouraged them to value their rights, be tolerant and respect the human rights of other people in society2018-03-21 027 2018-03-21 067 2018-03-21 024 2018-03-21 072 .

Impeachment of EC Boss: A Bad Move for Gender Equality

Impeachment of EC Boss: A Bad Move for Gender Equality published on

Is This How to Promote Gender Balance?

Chair of EC - Ghana
Chair of EC – Ghana

Do you know that a process to remove the Chair Person of the Electoral Commission of Ghana from office has been initiated by the Chief Justice?

But what are the reasons for this move by the ruling government and the Chief Justice? They are still not clear to most of us!

According to the electoral commissioner, Mrs Shallot Osei herself, she still doesn’t know her accusers! If this is true, where is the fairness?

Anyway, there are rumours that the petition for the impeachment of Madam Shallot Osei was sent to the President of the Republic by two drivers of the Electoral Commission – which is quite strange to me.

I’m just wondering what these drivers know about Ghana’s procurement processes; and how they managed to know that the process has been breached to warrant a petition for her removal. Because I hear one of the accusations is that she did not follow procurement procedures.

In my opinion, what is happening to this woman is not only about her; but all women in Ghana . It is a general attack on women’s right to political participation and our quest of gender equality in public life in Ghana.

It seems some people just don’t believe a beautiful woman can be competent enough to handle a top public office. That’s why her appointment was met with awful harassment and insults in the media.

I recall how her appointment was met with so much opposition simply because of her gender.

Indeed, she was maliciously accused of getting the position by offering sexual favours to the then president; regardless of the fact that she is a married woman.

All that some of us want is that the security and development of this nation must not be sacrificed on the altar of parochial interests.

The good book says: “All things are permissible but not all things are expedient.” The government may have all the powers to remove her, but to what effect?

Instead of trying to remove the EC Boss, who just organized a very successful election in 2016, the government should be making tangible efforts to cure the growing gender inequality in the country.

Written By:  Rose Mary Kayi

Don’t Shut Down Our Radio Stations

Don’t Shut Down Our Radio Stations published on


For the Sake of Freedom of Expression, NCA, Please Don’t Shut Down Radio Stations

The National Communications Authority’s (NCA) decision to close down so many (over 130) radio stations in Ghana is a very wrong move against freedom of expression that must be reversed immediately.

The individual’s right to freedom of expression duly guaranteed in chapter five, article 21 (1)a of the 1992 of Ghana is a crucial fundamental human right which must be protected at all cost.  The constitution clearly states: “All persons shall have the right to- freedom of speech and expression, which shall include freedom of the press and other media” (Article: 21 (1)a)

It should be noted that these affected radio stations serve a large proportion of the Ghanaian population by providing them with relevant information on national issues and platform to voice out their opinion.

It is also worthy of note that, easy access to the media by the citizenry is extremely vital for national cohesion and development. So NCA’s decision can negatively affect the peace and development of the country.


Clearly, some of the fines imposed by the National Communications Authority (NCA) are so high and absolutely bizarre that they seem unfair to the ordinary mind.

For instance, we are told that Radio Gold has been fined GH C 61 million for failing to file certain documents at the National Communications Authority in time. And for Montie FM, we are told that the NCA refused to take the money for the renewal of their licence and went ahead to shut down the station because of just eleven days delay. This seems arbitrary and unfair.

I think that NCA’s decision is extremely high-handed, disproportionate and not good for the growth our democracy.

As the Holy Bible says “All things are lawful but not all things are profitable” (1Cor. 6:12). The NCA may have the power to impose these fines but the effect might become unprofitable for the whole nation in the long run.


It must be noted that the varieties of media outlets we have in Ghana greatly contribute to the promotion of media pluralism which is necessary for airing and reflecting the different views and values of the larger Ghanaian society.

Such views, no matter how divergent do matter just as the views of those who support government. We therefore urge tolerance for divergent views so that we can sustain the peace and security we currently enjoy.


We call on the NCA to reverse its decision and allow all affected radio stations to operate again. We also call on all civil society groups, Ghana Journalist Association, Members of the Diplomatic core, Chiefs and all well-meaning Ghanaians to impress upon NCA to quickly RESCIND its decision for the peace of our dear nation.

Rose K

Delta Force Fine Is Bad Precedent For Justice

Delta Force Fine Is Bad Precedent For Justice published on

The Fine Isn’t Good For Our Nation’s Peace And Stability

The meager fine of GHC23, 400 imposed on 13 members of the delta force by a Kumasi circuit court recently is not only disappointing but a really bad precedent for the delivery of justice in Ghana and a threat to our peace and security.

We were told by the President of the country that, the thirteen (13) members of the group calling itself delta force, a vigilante group of the ruling New Patriotic Party  who were arraigned before court in March 2017 for attacking the newly appointed Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator, George Adjei, would be ruthlessly dealt with.

So many people who were very disgusted at the time by what happened were expecting adequate and befitting punishment for the group to serve as a deterrent for others.

However, that was not to be.  As a result, many Ghanaians, including the Stand Ghana team consider the small fine of GHC1,800 for each person unsatisfactory because it does not seem deterrent enough to prevent lawlessness in the country.

What is more worrying is the fact that people are complaining about the judgement being selective and discriminatory in nature; because others in similar situation but from different political party had been given harsher punishment than this.

If this kind of perception is not properly addressed by the Police & Judiciary, people will find it normal taking the law into their own hands knowing that they will not face the full rigours of the law as long as their party is in power.

This won’t be good for the government, our democracy, and definitely not good for the larger Ghanaian society.

Rose K.

For further details see: Reference


The Day Of The Girl Child

The Day Of The Girl Child published on

The Girl Child : Intelligent, Capable and Valuable.

2017-03-30 069As we celebrate the international day of the girl child today, 11 October, 2017, Stand Ghana wishes to congratulate every girl child in Ghana and the world over for their hard work, courage and resilience in the face of prevailing cultural, social, economic and religious impediments they are exposed to on daily basis.
To every Girl Child, we say: Ayeekoo!!! Be happy! Be Empowered! Be Resilient! Be Bold, Be Knowledgeable, Be Excellent! And Be Hopeful – Always!
Our girls are so intelligent and hard working in spite of the numerous challenges they face! They are helping at home and they are topping their classes in most schools and national examinations in Ghana!
However, we must remember that the girl child is still vulnerable to attacks and negative vices whether at home, school or within the community. They are usually susceptible to violence, sexual abuse, incest, neglect and diverse kinds of discrimination.
2017-03-30 076GIVE ADVICE
Let us use this opportunity to give the Girl Child good advice and share our experiences with them to inspire them to become useful adults and capable leaders in society tomorrow.
Let’s educate them on the challenges that are likely to confront them as they grow up and how they can overcome them successfully.
Remember the basic needs (especially pads, panties and underwear) of the girl child in your house – and, please extend a helping hand to girl from poor homes in your community. Teachers complain that most girls whose parents or guardians are unable to provide them with these basic needs are often moody in school and perform poorly in class.
Our research indicate that many girls from poor homes get overburdened with house work so much that they are often too tired to do homework and by the time they reach school they are unable to pay attention to lessons in class thereby impeding their general performance in school.
Please take tangible steps to protect the girl child in your house or school from sexual abuse, incest and violence; eliminate all forms of discrimination that impede her potentials and empower her with appropriate information and life skills.

Great Women of Ghana

Great Women of Ghana published on

Thumbs Up to Ghana’s Women Attorney Generals

Mrs Marietta Brew Appiah-Opong 1Thumbs up to two of Ghana’s illustrious women – Former Attorney General, Mrs Marietta Brew Appiah-Opong; and current Attorney General Ms Gloria Akuffo for the crucial roles they played in the successful resolution of the maritime dispute between Ghana and Ivory Coast at the International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) in Hamburg, Germany.

Ivory Coast accused Ghana of trespassing in their maritime space in the Atlantic Ocean where Ghana’s oil exploration and drilling activities are located, a claim Ghana denied and so took the matter to the ITLOS after several attempts at coming to mutual understanding failed.

We are extremely happy that the International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) on Saturday 23, 2017, ruled in favour of Ghana stating that Ghana did not trespass into Ivory Coast’s Maritime area – plus the fact that Ghana even gained further maritime space than previously.

We commend the fact that instead of war, the former attorney general and the government of Ghana chose the path of peace by sending the matter to the ITLOS.

This legal option does not only ensure that the brotherliness and peaceful co-existence between the two nations is not compromised through violent conflicts, but also brings finality to the dispute.

It is also gratifying to note that the team of lawyers and experts that won victory for Ghana was led by two powerful women, first, by the former attorney general and later by the current one following a change in Government – this is great for gender equality .

GH Legal TeamThis goes to prove the fact that women are not only “equally human”, but equally competent and equally brave like their male counter parts.

Indeed, women all over the world continue to play crucial roles in the development of their societies, and many more women can play even greater roles given the opportunity to develop themselves and serve their nations to their fullest potentials.

What the legal and expert team achieved for Ghana is no small feat. They saved the nation billions of dollars in investment and much more – a loss would have been extremely devastating for our economy.

National Awards

We therefore call on the government to honour these brave women publicly with the highest award of the land to show our appreciation for their effort.

Government must also redouble efforts at closing the gender gap in all sectors of the Ghanaian society to promote gender equality in reality.

This will in turn serve as a source of inspiration to other women and young girls to aspire to greater heights in their chosen fields of endeavour,

Written By: Rose K.  of Stand Ghana Inc.

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