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Don’t Kill Illegal Miners

Don’t Kill Illegal Miners published on

Killing Is Not The Solution To Illegal Mining

Many people have died in the name of fighting illegal mining or galamsey recently, this is an inhumane approach that will not solve the problem. The approach is wrong and unsustainable.

In a democracy such as ours, respect for human rights, dignity of the human person and the rule of law is supposed to be the watch word for all public officials in their dealings with every single citizen, at all times and  in all places.

We are extremely worried about what is happening because we fear the following consequences:

  • The approach is unsustainable
  • It is creating loss of livelihoods and unemployment challenges without any ready remedy so far
  • It can lead to violent resistance by those directly affected
  • It can lead to the creation of rebel groups in affected mining communities in Ghana
  • Could also develop dire security implications for the whole country in future

Stand Ghana is calling on the government and the unti-galamsey taskforce to change their approach to a more humane one to avoid further loss of life and property.

We cannot enforce the law by killing violators or potential violators.

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