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Human Rights Education on Children’s Day

Human Rights Education on Children’s Day published on

This year, several students benefited from Stand Ghana’s free human rights education programme on Children’s Day.

Every year, we celebrate November 20th as Children’s Day globally. The aim is to promote the welfare of children, and to highlight their rights and interests in society.

To mark this year’s occasion, Stand Ghana organized a series of human rights education and awareness creation programmes in a number of schools in the Hohoe Municipality of the Volta Region – including Gbi Atabu RC Basic School and Kpoeta Basic School.

Our goal for organizing public education in schools is to improve awareness on child rights and issues of abuse among children and teachers in order to stop or curtail acts of child rights violations and abuse in the Ghanaian society; especially in the rural areas of the country.

Delivering her presentation to students of Gbi  Atabu RC JHS, Madam Rose Mary Kayi expounded on the importance of human rights to children; the need to know ones rights and some specific rights and responsibilities of a child according to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, The Children’s Act 1998, Act 560 and Article 28 of the constitution of the Republic of Ghana.

She encouraged the young girls in particular to be careful and to protect themselves against sexual abuse and molestation. She further encouraged them to have ambition for their lives and start dreaming of what they want to become in future.

 Sadly, while the Children’s Day Celebration is supposed to be for all children, the students informed us that they didn’t know anything about the Children’s Day celebration, if not for our outreach programme. 

This shows that activities were solely focused on children in the capital City Accra, without due regard for those in rural communities; which is discriminatory and unacceptable.

The Stand Ghana team is very grateful to the Head Master of Gbi Atabu RC Basic Sch. (Mr Attey) and the Assistant Head, Madam Lucy for allowing us into their school to organize this all important Human Rights Education programme for the students and teachers.

We also thank the Head Mistress (Madam Theresa) of Gbi Kpoeta Basic School a lot for letting us into her school to speak to the children on Children’s Day.

To all young people: Be Informed! Get to know your human rights fast!!

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