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No Tax No Secondary Education Is A Human Rights Violation

No Tax No Secondary Education Is A Human Rights Violation published on

And What’s The Purpose of Free SHS?

Do you know that the Government is planning to stop children whose parents do not pay tax from accessing secondary school education? This is a very worrying development because many children whose parents are very poor would be negatively affected should the policy be implemented.



We were very happy when the Free SHS policy was introduced here in Ghana. But now the government wants to limit it to only children whose parents are tax payers – according to the Finance Minister in his presentation of the 2019 budget.

We believe the policy is discriminatory and a VIOLATION of the RIGHT OF THE CHILD TO ACCESS QUALITY EDUCATION without impediments from anyone.

“Everyone has the right to education” that is what the first line of article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states. Nowhere in article 26 is it stated that only tax payers’ children can have secondary school education.

Education is supposed to be a right not a privilege. Therefore, we cannot and should not base access to secondary school education on having Tax Identification Number.

The TIN policy in our educational sector will only undermine the whole idea behind the introduction of Free secondary education – which is “not to leave any child behind or at home”.

This is a bad idea and should NEVER be implemented in Ghana.


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