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The Day Of The Girl Child

The Day Of The Girl Child published on

The Girl Child : Intelligent, Capable and Valuable.

2017-03-30 069As we celebrate the international day of the girl child today, 11 October, 2017, Stand Ghana wishes to congratulate every girl child in Ghana and the world over for their hard work, courage and resilience in the face of prevailing cultural, social, economic and religious impediments they are exposed to on daily basis.
To every Girl Child, we say: Ayeekoo!!! Be happy! Be Empowered! Be Resilient! Be Bold, Be Knowledgeable, Be Excellent! And Be Hopeful – Always!
Our girls are so intelligent and hard working in spite of the numerous challenges they face! They are helping at home and they are topping their classes in most schools and national examinations in Ghana!
However, we must remember that the girl child is still vulnerable to attacks and negative vices whether at home, school or within the community. They are usually susceptible to violence, sexual abuse, incest, neglect and diverse kinds of discrimination.
2017-03-30 076GIVE ADVICE
Let us use this opportunity to give the Girl Child good advice and share our experiences with them to inspire them to become useful adults and capable leaders in society tomorrow.
Let’s educate them on the challenges that are likely to confront them as they grow up and how they can overcome them successfully.
Remember the basic needs (especially pads, panties and underwear) of the girl child in your house – and, please extend a helping hand to girl from poor homes in your community. Teachers complain that most girls whose parents or guardians are unable to provide them with these basic needs are often moody in school and perform poorly in class.
Our research indicate that many girls from poor homes get overburdened with house work so much that they are often too tired to do homework and by the time they reach school they are unable to pay attention to lessons in class thereby impeding their general performance in school.
Please take tangible steps to protect the girl child in your house or school from sexual abuse, incest and violence; eliminate all forms of discrimination that impede her potentials and empower her with appropriate information and life skills.

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